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Photograph the wild Caerneddau ponies in their natural habitat of the Snowdonia mountains. This workshop will cover all the skills you require, from planning and navigation to kit requirements and camera settings as well as some wildlife behaviour briefing. 

Please bear in mind that these are wild animals and their territory is vast, so there is no aboslute guarantee of an appearance! However, every time Antonia has gone to look for them, she has found them and has spent many hours in these mountains, training as well as filming these elusive wild ponies. Finding them can sometimes be quick, other times it can take several hours. Whilst on the lookout for them ,you will be learning camera skills in the beautiful surroundings of the Caerneddau mountains with stunning views of the surrounding range. 
A certain level of fitness is required for this workshop as you will be hiking uphill for some time. There will be plenty of pauses while photographing the ponies.

Please wear warm and waterproof clothing and boots suitable for changable Welsh mountain weather as well as enough food and water to last you the day while out on the hills.

As these ponies are habituated to human presence, hides and ghillie suits are not required. It is possible to come relatively close to the ponies, but the best results are achieved with longer lenses so please bring the longest lenses you have. Tripods are not essential but if you have one that you wish to use please bring it along in a bag which you are able to carry it in while on the hills. 

These ponies are completely wild and are the only ones of their kind in the world, totally unique and endemic to this region. Their presence really is quite magical, as are the mountains they inhabit.

Wild Ponies of Snowdonia - Introduction to Wildlife Photography

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