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Hikes, cameras, action!


There is no better place to learn about exposure and shutter speed than at a waterfall. South Wales has some incredible waterfalls that are the perfect photography playground for experimenting with long and short exposure times.


Want to learn how to make those beautiful, silky flowing water shots or understand how to get those sharp, perfectly focused photos? This workshop is for you! 


The workshop will guide you through various exercises which will leave you with the confidence to take your new-found knowledge with you on your adventures to create stunning landscape photography that you'll be truly proud of. 


We will be covering all the basics from composition, timing and lighting, navigation for planning your shots, using the Photopills app, camera settings for landscape photography exposure settings, aperture and depth of field plus some tricks of the trade to make the most of your camera.


Please note that the better you familiarise yourself with your camera before the workshop, the more you will get from it. If possible, please try to find the following buttons or settings on your camera: White balance, ISO, Exposure/ Shutter Speed, Aperture. 

The waterfall walk is not far off the M4 and is easily accessed from Cardiff, Bristol, Swansea and south Wales. We'll meet at the Ystrad Fellte car park at 11am and then head to the Four Waterfalls loop. The car park costs £5 and has a meter. There's plenty of space usually. It's a long walk (around 4 hours) if you want to take in all four waterfalls, but it's also possible to choose one or two if you prefer to walk less and have more photography time. We will aim to finish the workshop at 7pm, which will give you the opportunity to catch the 'golden hour' sunlight if the weather is in our favour.


The waterfall loop is readily accessible on foot, but to best access the waterfalls a certain degree fo fitness is advised as several are down steep steps and terrain is uneven in places. The walk is very well sign posted and the paths are easy to follow. We will be walking as a group, but if you prefer to go off at your own pace you are welcome to do so. 


  • Please bring your camera! To achieve the best results from this workshop it will need to have the ability to be set manually (preferably not a compact or phone camera). 
  • If you have a tripod please do bring it. You will need to carry it for the day so an appropriate bag to carry your equipment is advised. If you don't have one, don't worry, you can still learn the skills and I have couple of spares you may be able to borrow. 
  • If you happen to have any Neutral Density filters (ND), feel free to bring those along too. However, they are not essential for this workshop.
  • A lens cloth and a small flannel for drying your camera will be useful in case of rain or splashes.
  • Please also bring snacks and a drink as we will be in a remote area for duration of the workshop. There is sometimes a snack van on site but this cannot be guaranteed. 
  • Please bring money for the parking meter (£5).
  • The walk is rather up and down, so waterproof and supportive footwear is a must.
  • Full waterproof top and bottoms are also advised, especially if you fancy going behind the curtain of one of the waterfalls! You may also wish to cover your backpack.


More information will be sent to you via email upon sign up. In the meantime, if you have any questions, feel free to get in touch. Thank you.


This workshop has a maximum of 6 spaces to ensure quality one to one teaching time. Please note that the workshop requires 4 people in order to run. Many thanks.


Want to be informed when this workshop is going to run? Feel free to join my mailing list. I only post about events and won't bombard you with emails!




    Waterfalls - Exposure in Photography

    • Sunday, April 2nd 2023

    • Money for parking meter (£5)

      Your camera (with manual settings)

      Tripod if you have one that you can carry for the day

      ND filters if you have them (not essential)

      Remote shutter trigger if you have one (not essential)

      A lens cloth and a small flannel for drying your camera (in case of rain or splashes)

      Food and drinks

      Waterproof Jacket and trousers if you have them

      Waterproof, supportive walking boots

      Waterproof bag cover if you have one

      Any emergency medication you may need, eg., asthma inhaler/ insulin/ epi pen, etc.


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